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Jae & Dennis' SimWorld
We have a winner! 
15th-Jun-2009 10:10 pm
angel boom
The winnnnner is: the_true_dizi

Why do you love to play The Sims?
Why do I love the Sims? It is something for everyone no matter what it is they like. The game seems to be designed to allow for creativity in many areas from architecture within to 3D art outside for creation of all kinds to be added to the game. The community that has arisen from the sims games allows for those who like nothing more than to build beautiful houses to make them available to those who only like to create characters and vice versa. The picture taking ability programmed into the game has given some artists a new medium to create illustrated stories, true art, and even movies with the video aspect. The animation and character interactions have come so far that it's beyond my imagination sometimes.

Personally, I truly love making my own characters and walking them through their lives, helping them make choices, advancing through careers, and making friends. There are also times when I just turn the game on and let them do their own thing, its like watching a cartoon. I never know what they are going to do. Ruin a good friendship or make a new one, destroy their marriage or make it stronger, become a couch potato and lose their job or get a promotion.

I do not get bored with this game. I don't think of it as a game, its part of my LIFE. There is so much to it and so much to do, when I get tired of one thing I move on to another and then go back to the first. With every 'new' bit I find while playing, it grows and changes in my mind. There is so much that I can never learn it all. Even if I somehow did, I would simply want to do it all again.

I am very much looking forward to the Sims 3 to see how everything I love about Sims 1 and 2 has carried forward and altered, improved and grown, become once again something more and better. How can it do all that? I can't wait to find out.



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