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16th-May-2009 12:40 am - Sims 3 Contest!
angel boom
So as you know, today starts the Sims 3 Promotion for livejournal! This post will be JUST about the contest that we are running and what you could have a chance in winning!

You will be entering to win “The Sims 3 Standard Edition Game, a Logitech G9 Laser Mouse and Logitech G15 Keyboard” which together is valued at $250! All you have to do is leave a comment bellow (350 words or less) answering the question I'll provide after this. ONE winner will be chosen by a third party judge based on originality and composition. The winner will be announced on June 15th, 2009. Sadly, this is limited to ONLY U.S. residents.

Simple enough no?

Now, here is the question:
Why do you love to play The Sims?

So that's it! Remember you have a month to enter! So get writing and keep your eyes here all month! We got some awesome exclusive content to share with you in the coming weeks!

Comments will be screened. Entries will close on June 10th and the winner will be announced on June 15, 2009 so you have a bit of time to submit your entry!

**Please include your email address in your entry (as per the official rules), and write "entry" in the subject line.

Contest Rules
Sponsored by EA and Logitech.
Order your copy of The Sims 3 today!
12th-May-2009 01:27 pm - YAY!
angel boom
Jason and I are very excited to say that we will be one of the communities taking part in the Sims 3 promotion from May 15th - June 15th. During that month we will have:

* A Sims 3 background
* 2-3 posts with exclusive Sims 3 content
* A Sims 3 ad in the community
* 2 posts for a competition to give away a copy of Sims 3 (unfortunately, this is US citizens only)
* 4-5 posts Sims 3 posts

We are all very happy to be a part of this, and we hope everyone in the community is as well! This will be taking place between May 15th and June 15th.
8th-Mar-2009 09:06 am - Just in case ANYONE was wondering...
angel boom
I've seen a few Sims Communities say after The Sims 3 comes out, they were either shutting down or not allowing The Sims 3 Legacies ect be posted. That will not be the case here, for those of you that want to post here, feel free. Even thought it's just myself or seraphic_slayer that's been posting Legacies. And we both will more than likely end up buying The Sims 3. So no worries.
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